Florida Prepaid

Florida Prepaid at FSU

Student Business Services is your Florida Prepaid contact at Florida State University. We identify students with Florida Prepaid Plans and bill your plan automatically every semester. Your billing will post to your my.fsu.edu account statement by the end of the first week of classes.

In order for your Florida Prepaid Plan to link and automatically bill FSU must have your social security number (SSN) on file. If you did not supply your SSN upon application to the University you will need to call the Registrar’s Office at (850) 644-1050 or registrar@fsu.edu to provide your SSN.

What does FSU need to bill my Florida Prepaid account? 

We do not need any paperwork from you and we do not need to see your Florida Prepaid card.

Our billing system links to Florida Prepaid through your social security number, so we already know if you have Florida Prepaid. If you keep your Florida Prepaid Account current, we bill it automatically each semester. Your Florida Prepaid billing will reflect on your my.fsu.edu bill by the end of the first week of classes every semester. 

When does Florida Prepaid Pay? 

Your my.fsu.edu account statement will reflect your Florida Prepaid billing before we disburse Financial Aid. Look for FPP Tuition Billing on your account statement. Since students register for classes at different times, the simplest time-line is to expect that your account will reflect Prepaid by the end of the first week of class.

This timing means that any financial aid you receive, like Bright Futures, will be used only to pay those charges left unpaid by Florida Prepaid and we will refund excess Financial Aid to you, normally within three business days of disbursement.   

Florida Prepaid will not actually remit payment to FSU to satisfy this billing until later in the semester, so your Florida Prepaid account and remaining Prepaid hours will not update until about a month or so into the semester. This exchange happens behind-the-scenes and is largely unnoticed by most students. Careful observers, though, might note that when Florida Prepaid actually pays the University, the FPP Tuition Billing on your my.fsu.edu account will be replaced by FPP Tuition Payment.   

What does Florida Prepaid Pay? 

We bill Florida Prepaid for the credit hours you take each semester and Florida Prepaid pays FSU based on your plan features and the actual dollar value FSU assesses for each fee that Florida Prepaid covers. 

All Florida Prepaid plans cover tuition, but it turns out that the University assesses various mandatory per-credit class fees outside tuition and all students will be left with some class fee balance not covered by Florida Prepaid. The chart below outlines the tuition and fee categories as they relate to Florida Prepaid features: 

Per-Credit Fees Per-Credit Fee Assessment*  Does Florida Prepaid Pay this Fee?                                                                                                

Tuition (State Fees)

$115.08/cr YES. All Florida Prepaid Plans pay Tuition (Matriculation Fee on FSU's tuition and fee tables) plus Student Financial Aid, and Capital Improvement Fees.
Local Fees $34.73/cr MAYBE. Florida Prepaid only pays Local Fees if you purchased the Local Fees Feature.
Tuition Differential Fee (TDF) $49.59/cr

MAYBE. FSU Waives the Tuition Differential Fee (TDF) for semesters in which students use a Prepaid Plan with a contract date of Summer 2007 or older.

Otherwise, if your plan is newer than Summer 2007, Prepaid only pays the TDF if you purchased the TDF Feature.

Other Fees $16.15/cr NO. Florida Prepaid Plans do not cover transportation, facilities, & technology fees.
Total* $215.55/cr NO. All students will be left with some class fee balance that is not covered by Florida Prepaid. The Total that Prepaid will Pay (or the amount of payment + waiver) depends on your response to the sections above. 

*Per credit hour fee assessment based on current academic year rate for Main Campus, Florida Residents. Please note that specific classes and majors might be assessed additional fees that Florida Prepaid does not cover, like lab fees, distance learning fees, and program equipment fees. All students are also assessed a $20/semester facilities fee each semester and a $5.00FSUCard Term fee -in the Fall and Spring semesters. Please visit our tuition rates page for additional tuition and fee details

We can never bill for more hours than you are taking, but we can bill for fewer at your request. Complete the FLPP Billing Change Form to cancel or lessen your billing for a specific term.

What happens if I have College Hours to Use, instead of University Hours? 

This question comes up a lot for students with 2+2 plans. The 2+2 Florida Plan is designed to pay towards two years of college and two years of university. Students with these types of Florida Prepaid plans can still choose to attend FSU as freshmen (and attend all four years) and we will bill your Prepaid account like normal. When this happens, Florida Prepaid will simply convert your plan to a university plan and prorate your college hours. The end result is that you will have fewer total hours to use, but Florida Prepaid will pay at the university rate (i.e. at the same per-credit rate described in the chart above). Note that this pro-ration might result in partial hours during the final semester of use when the plan's balance depletes, but that is the only time that the Florida Prepaid payment amount should differ from the rates in the chart above.