Private Scholarships

Private Scholarships are a financial resource current or prospective students can utilize to assist in offsetting the cost of their education. Private Scholarships are awarded by various businesses, charities, churches, banks, clubs/groups, foundations, etc. These Scholarships are based on various academic qualifications, talent, special interests, and a variety of other qualifications.

Important Warnings:

If you are doing this as a quick fix because you have received a cancellation notice, or are looking for quick results, you may want to research different avenues for solutions. We cannot guarantee that you will receive ANY funds within any deadline. You are also responsible for signing up for the scholarships. We merely provide a service to match you with potential scholarship opportunities.

Beware of any scholarship search service that charges a fee. The information that you are paying for could be obtained through another source at no cost. The Scholarship Scam web page at offers excellent guidance on how to identify and avoid scholarship scams.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of Scholarships available to me?

Student Business Services disburses over 7,800 awards totaling over $13,000,000.00 each year in Private Scholarship funds. You can find a comprehensive list of Scholarship donors with details on how to apply and who to contact regarding each specific scholarship here: Scholarship List.

As a student, what do I need to do to ensure the Scholarship is applied to my account?

There are several steps you can take to ensure that your scholarship is applied to your account in a timely manner. 

  • Report your Private Scholarship award to the Office of Financial aid as a financial resource.
  • Submit all requested documents to your donor.
  • Endorse the private scholarship check payment if it was made duly payable to you and FSU.

How do I use my private scholarship to pay for my tuition?

Your private scholarship will automatically disburse and pay for outstanding tuition. The funds will then pay for any outstanding fees, including housing, books, meal plans, parking tickets, etc. Any excess scholarship funds will be refunded to you based on your Direct Deposit information.

How do I use my private scholarship to pay for my housing?

Private scholarship funds cannot be disbursed before that term’s disbursement date. Contact the Housing Department at 850-644-2860 to see if you qualify for a housing deferment to have your payment deferred to the disbursement date.

Where should the Private Scholarship checks be mailed?
Office of Student Business Services
Attn: Private Scholarships
A1500 University Center A
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2394

To ensure timely disbursement, please make sure all checks are made payable to Florida State University. Be sure to include the student’s full name, student ID, the term for which the funds are for, and a memo with any additional requirements for the application of the scholarship funds.

Why hasn’t my private scholarship disbursed?

Financial Aid is applied to your MyFSU bill at the beginning of the term-generally by the fifth (5) day of class. If it is after the fifth day of class and your scholarship has still not posted to your My FSU bill, please check with your donor to confirm when and where they sent your scholarship check.

How do I remove the Insufficient Hours hold?

If you are enrolled in fewer than Twelve (12) credit hours, we will need to receive written approval from your donor to disburse your scholarship. The written release may be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Address: Office of Student Business Services
Attn: Private Scholarships
A1500 University Center A
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2394
Fax: 850-644-1822

Be sure to request this paperwork from your donor early if you plan on taking less than six credits to ensure that your Financial aid disburses as early as possible.

My donor requires financial aid verification, what do I do?

Submit the appropriate paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid at A4400 University Center Tallahassee, FL 32306.

How can I obtain an invoice for my donor?

Contact our Scholarship Specialist, Lindsay Allen at Include any documentation or instructions provided by your donor and we will send an invoice to your donor.

Where can I locate proof of enrollment for my donor?

Contact the Registrar’s office at 850-644-1050 to receive an Enrollment Verification Form.

How do I have my private scholarship transferred to my new college?

The University does not forward funds to other colleges but will return the funds to your donor. You will need to notify the Private Scholarship Specialist, Lindsay Allen at as well as update your donor to your new college.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

One of our Scholarship experts would be happy to assist you with any additional questions you may have regarding the scholarship process.

Lindsay Allen-Ruiz


Corey Sebring

Disclaimer: FSU is pleased to provide these external private scholarship listings for informational purposes only. We cannot, and do not, endorse or recommend any scholarship website or private entity offering scholarships.  Any decisions regarding scholarship applications and acceptances of scholarship offers belong solely to the applicant.  Please ensure that you fully research any scholarship opportunity prior to application or acceptance. 

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