Refund Processes

Refunds are disbursed almost every Tuesday and Thursday for general credit balances, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for financial aid credit balances throughout the semester. At the start of a new semester, financial aid refunds are disbursed once up to 10 days prior to the first day of classes, once during the first week of classes, and then each Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the term.

When will I get my refund?

You will receive a refund if your financial aid award is greater than the charges that can be paid with financial aid on your myFSU bill, or if you or a third party overpays your bill.

While refunds are generated almost every day, processing times vary by bank. Keep in mind that it may take your bank two to three days to process your funds after we've disbursed them. You will receive an email from FSU when your refund is processed.

How do I make sure that I get my financial aid as quickly as possible?

Enroll in direct deposit and register for classes early. You don’t have to “sign-up” to receive disbursements early, you just have to be registered and otherwise eligible by the early disbursement cutoff to qualify to receive your financial aid early.

Remember: Some financial aid requires that you be enrolled in a minimum number of hours to receive funding—Federal Financial Aid (originating from the FAFSA) requires at least six hours of enrollment!

Also, be sure that you check your “to do list” early and submit any requested documents to the Financial Aid Office early enough before the start of term to allow sufficient time for review.

How will I receive my refund if my address needs to be updated?

If the refund was sent to a wrong address, fill out a Stop Payment Form with the correct address and send to

It is important to update your address with FSU whenever you move. Visit our website here to find out how to update your address in MyFSU.This will ensure all physical correspondence from FSU is delivered in a timely manner and to the correct address.

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