Payment Plans

The Traditional Installment Plan

The best option for students who are not employed by the University. Students incurring tuition and class fees greater than $150.00 are eligible to enroll in an installment contract for the Fall and Spring semesters only. The initial payment must be one half of the total tuition owed and is due by the tuition payment deadline. A $10.00 service fee will be assessed at the payment of the second installment. The installment plan is a tuition payment plan and does not cover other charges, like dining or housing. 

Once a student has enrolled in an installment contract, any course added at a later date must be paid in full within five (5) calendar days—it will not be covered under the previously agreed upon contract.

How do I enroll in the payment plan?

To enroll in the Traditional Installment Plan, pay half of your total tuition online by the tuition due date and email our office stating that you would like to enroll in the plan. You will see an indicator on your "holds" menu in MyFSU to confirm that you've been enrolled in the plan.

When will my due date change?

Your due date won't change until after the fee payment deadline. We will confirm that you have paid half of your tuition and will push the remainder of your tuition out to second installment due date. We will also assess your $10 installment fee due at the same time.

How do I pay half of my tuition?

On the "Make a Payment" page in MyFSU, select "Tuition" and enter half of the total amount owed in the editable payment box. Continue with the payment process, following the onscreen prompts. There is no need to notify us that you have paid your tuition, we will identify you when we are ready to extend due dates after the initial fee payment deadline.

What happens if I don't pay half of my tuition by the tuition deadline?

If you don't pay half of your tuition by the tuition deadline you will be removed from the installment contract and your tuition will be due immediately.

Graduate Assistant Tuition Plan

Under this plan, graduate assistants employed by FSU can defer the due date for class fees until the end of the semester. For added convenience, plan participants can also enroll in payroll deductions. The rules and stipulations of each term are unique and interested students must complete new paperwork to participate each term. Open the form below to read the most recent terms and conditions, and to enroll in the program. If you have any questions about the plan please email

Fall 2019 Enrollment Form

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