New Students

Welcome to Student Business Services! The checklist below will help to be sure that your Student Account is set up and ready for your arrival!

          ► Designate a delegate to assist with your account when you can't. 

          ► Sign up for multi-factor authentication through Duo Mobile to protect your student account.

          ► Complete your direct deposit set up to receive refunds from FSU.

          ► Authorize FSU to use your federal financial aid to pay for your charges.

          ► Check your MyFSU email account for important emails / bills from our office.

          ► Complete your Health Insurance / Immunization requirements.

          ► Login to your MyFSU account to make a payment or familiarize yourself with your account. 



Thank you for joining us for first time in college and transfer orientation! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your family, and wish you a great year at Florida State. You can find the materials that we provided at orientation below:


Orientation Materials
Session Presentation Budget Worksheet Florida Prepaid Brochure
All Sessions






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