Third Party Billings

Student Business Services is responsible for billing third parties for tuition and fee payments on students' behalf. Third parties may include U.S. or foreign government agencies, private corporations, branches of the U.S. armed forces, and other private industries.

If the third party requires an invoice from the University, and is not part of the U.S. Military's Chapter 33 or Chapter 31 Educational Benefit Programs, the following documents must be submitted, no later than the fifth day of class: 

Once we have received the required documentation we will offset your account by the amount of money your third party has promised to pay.

*Note* If your third party fails to pay for the agreed upon tuition and fees, other than Chapter 33 or 31 Educational Benefit programs through the U.S. Military, you will be held responsible for payment, and may be assessed a late payment fee.

FERPA/Third Party Authorization

Under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, FSU is not authorized to release any student information without written consent from the student.  By signing the Third Party Agency Billing Agreement, the student authorizes FSU to release all financial and academic information to the third party listed on the Third Party Agency Billing Agreement form.

Submitting the Third Party Agency Billing Agreement

Student should complete the Third Party/Agency Billing Agreement available through Adobe DocuSign here. This form will be automatically routed to us; you do not need to send the completed form anywhere. 

Any questions about the submission or process can be directed to


Who can participate in third-party billing? 

Any student who is sponsored by a private or government agency.

What is the Third-Party Agency Billing Agreement form? 

A term specific form that indicates the student and sponsor information and authorizes FSU to release any and all academic and financial information to the third-party.  This form must be submitted for each term the agency will pay.   

What is a Letter of Authorization? 

An official document from the agency specifying the sponsored student and their agreement to pay a portion or all tuition and fees and other qualified costs.  This document must be submitted for each term the agency will pay.

What happens if I am missing one of the required documents? 

If any required documents are missing, a third-party credit will not be placed on the account.  All charges on the student’s account are expected to be paid following the posted fee payment deadline (10 days from the start of term) or a late payment fee may be assessed. 

What happens if the third-party fails to pay your account balance? 

If the sponsor fails to pay the invoice, responsibility falls on the student to ensure the balance is paid. 

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