Student Financial Responsibility How To

How do I access the Student Financial Responsibility?

When you login to MyFSU, you'll notice that you have a Student Financial Responsibility hold and a to-do list every semester before your enrollment window opens for that term. 


To access the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement and complete it, you'll need to click on the "here" hyperlink in the hold. You'll land on the "To Do List" where you'll find a Student Financial Agreement task. Click on the task to enter to agreement.


Next, read the agreement and click "Accept".


A "Next" button will appear above the grey accept button once you've pressed "Accept". Click "Next".


Finally, click "Submit". You'll be brought back to your to-do list and your hold will be removed.


If you have questions at any point during this process, reach out to Student Business Services at 850.644.9452 or