Schedule Cancellations Due to Late or Non-Payment

Student Business Services will process schedule cancellations soon based on late or non-payment of Spring 2024 tuition. Payments are due by 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, March 3rd.  If you have not paid your tuition yet, you can pay your charges online here. Please note there is 2.75% service fee for using a credit card (4.25% for international cards). There is no fee with using an electronic check.

Payment plans are also available through MyFSU. You can find out more about the available payment plans here.

Please contact Student Business Services if you need assistance or have any questions regarding tuition payments.

I've received a cancellation warning, now what?

If you have received a cancellation warning from Student Business Services you have three options:

  1. Pay - Pay your balance to below $500
  2. Payment Plan - Sign up for a payment plan through MyFSU/Transact (balances from prior terms will prevent sign-up and must be handled prior to payment plan enrollment)

I've been canceled for non-payment, now what?

If you have been canceled for non-payment you must complete the Appeal to Reinstate Schedule Canceled Due to Nonpayment form, and you have three options:

  1. Pay in Full - Pay your balance for current and prior terms in full to bring your account current
  2. Receive Financial Aid - Work with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that your aid is fully disbursable (all forms and tasks are completed, aid is accepted, etc.) Once aid is disbursable, your schedule can be reinstated
  3. Remain Canceled - If you would like to use one of your two-per-academic-career cancellations, you may choose to remain canceled

Students who are reinstated and who fail to pay or whose financial aid fails to disburse will be prevented from continued enrollment until the balance is satisfied.

Drop Policy for Unpaid Tuition

As published in the general bulletin, in accordance with Florida State University Regulation 6C2R-2.0248, students who do not pay tuition and fees or make arrangements for tuition and fee payment by the published deadline each semester may have their schedules canceled.

Students will be notified by email to their FSU e-mail account concerning outstanding tuition delinquencies and given an opportunity to pay tuition and fees or make arrangements for tuition and fee payment with the Office of Student Business Services prior to cancellation.

Students whose schedules are canceled for non-payment of tuition and fees will have their academic progress discontinued for the term in question and will not be able to attend class or receive grades.

Students whose schedules are canceled for non-payment of tuition and fees may appeal to Student Business Services for reinstatement and continuation of academic progress for the term. 

Prior to a student's appeal being approved, the Office of Student Business Services must verify that payment for the current term has been received or that appropriate arrangements have been made for tuition and fee payment. Students whose schedules are reinstated are subject to a $100.00 late registration fee and a $100.00 late payment fee.

Check or credit card payments that are returned or refused will negate any tuition payment agreement for the reinstatement of a student's schedule.

The University reserves the right to deny reinstatement when a demonstrated pattern of tuition delinquencies over two or more semesters has occurred.

The form to appeal cancellation of schedules due to non-payment of tuition and fees is available in our forms section.

A student becomes liable for his/her tuition upon registration. Tuition payments received after the published deadline are considered late and will be assessed a $100.00 late payment fee. Students have the right to appeal this fee through the Late Payment Appeal Form.