Delegated Access

What Is Online Third Party or Parental Access?

We know that students often rely on the support and counsel of the people you trust to help navigate campus finances. We want to be able to talk with whoever you've chosen to represent you. At the same time, we're committed to honoring privacy rules, like FERPA, which leads to what might be a surprising requirement. Students, we need your written permission to talk with anyone other than you about your FSU account. FSU makes it easy for you to grant and maintain this permission through delegated access.

Add a delegate, or make changes, through myFSU. 

  1. Log into
  2. Select "SC" icon under "myFSU Links"
  3. Click "My Info"
  4. Click "Share My Information" and then follow the prompts. 

Parents, spouses, and others that might be used to advocating for their student or are paying on a student's behalf are often surprised (understandably) that we need permission to speak with them. If you're helping your student to navigate campus finances, then we want to be able to speak with you and to offer help when and where you need it, so please talk with your student now about becoming a delegate. 

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