Traditional Payment Plan

Transact offers students the ability to enroll in a tuition and fees payment plan which splits the total cost of tuition into installments.  Students can select to pay in 2 or 4 installments during the fall and spring terms. Students enrolled in summer sessions A, C, and/or F can select to pay in 2 installments. Payment plans are not offered for students enrolled in summer session B. The first installment will be due at the time that the student signs up for the plan, along with a $15 service fee. Subsequent installments are due every 4-6 weeks during the term. Students can sign up for the payment plans entirely through the Transact System and will receive emails as payment dates are approaching. For more information about which payment plans the University offers, visit the Student Business Services website. To sign up for the payment plan, follow these simple steps:

How do I enroll in the plan?

To enroll in the Traditional Installment Plan, log into MyFSU and follow the steps here.

Which charges on my account are eligible for a payment plan?

At this time only Tuition and Associated Fees qualify for a payment plan (not housing, dining, bookstore, health insurance, etc.).

Do I have to sign up for automatic payments?

No, Automatic payments are optional but are set as the default when signing up for a plan. Be sure to uncheck the "Set up auto payments with the same payment method" box if you do not wish to enroll in automatic payments.

How will I know if my application has been received?

You can review your payment plan timing, due dates, and other setting on the Transact Overview page.

What happens if I add a class after I have enrolled in the plan?

If you add a class after you enrolled in the plan, the plan will automatically update the balance due to include the new amount in the upcoming due date.

How will I know when future payments are due?

You will see future payment due dates on your Overview page in Transact, either in the Summary view or in the Payment Plans view.

I'm getting an error, what does it mean?

The most common error encountered during payment plan enrollment is a warning that you owe past-due balances. Students cannot enroll in current term payment plans until all past due balances are settled from the current or prior terms

You may also encounter an error enrolling in a payment plan if you failed to complete a prior plan according to your agreement.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions about the submission or process for the Installment Plan, please contact us through the MyFSU Service Center