Loan Refusals

By law, students are allowed to return or cancel all or a part of their Federal Direct Loans within 14 days of disbursement. Cancelling all or part of a loan means that the Office of Financial Aid will reverse the award from your MyFSU Student Account, and any charges that were paid by that award will now be owed up to the total amount of the loan. The loan will be returned to the lender and cancelled or reduced, and you will owe the balance of any charges left unpaid by the reversal. 

To request a loan refusal or cancellation, complete the Loan Refusal Application. The Loan Refusal Application is an Adobe PDF which requires electronic signatures. You will need to download the form to your computer in order to sign and return it, you cannot complete the form in a browser. Once completed, click "Route to Financial Aid" which will open the form in a default email client to be returned to financial aid. Do not attempt to change the "To" field or "Subject" line or Financial Aid may not receive your application. 

If your default mail client will not send the form, send a signed copy manually to with the subject line "Loan Refusal - Student".