IncludED Textbook Program

What is the IncludED textbook program?

IncludED is a partnership between Student Business Services and the FSU Bookstore that allows you to rent or purchase digital textbooks at a reduced cost. The charge is posted directly to your MyFSU Tuition and Fees bill and can be paid along with your other University charges or using financial aid. 

How do I access my materials?

If you sign up through IncludED, you'll receive an email from the FSU Bookstore directing you to your publisher's website along with an access code the week before classes begin. 

How do I know if I'm eligible for IncludED?

You'll receive an email from Student Business Services describing the program and benefits, followed by an email from the FSU Bookstore with login information if you are enrolled in a course that is IncludED eligible. For the Spring 2019, FSU is piloting this program with ENC2135 Research, Genre, and Text, ANT2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, AST1002 Planets, Stars, and Galaxies, ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics, and MAR4613 Marketing Research. 

If you are a student athlete whose books are covered by the Athletics department, or if you are a sponsored student whose government or other entity pays for your expenses, you may not be eligible to participate. Check with your sponsor or Athletics coordinator before you sign up.

When do I need to sign up by?

Each IncludED sign-up period will have its own set of required dates which are communicated to you in emails and through the IncludED portal. In general, you'll receive your first notice that one or more of your courses in IncludED eligible 30 days prior to the start of a term. You'll then be given a date by which you have to sign up in order to participate. For the Spring 2019 pilot period, you'll receive an email from Student Business Services and the FSU Bookstore in late November / early December 2018, and you will have to opt-in to the program by January 18, 2019 to participate. 

How do I sign up for IncludED?

You'll receive an email from the FSU Bookstore (Follett) with a link to sign up for the program around 30 days prior to the start of the semester. Following the instructions outlined in that email, signing up for IncludED is simple!

Step 1: The IncludED Email

When you receive the IncludED email, click any of the Access Your Account & Opt-In links to begin the process. 


IF you received the link via an email, you can skip directly to Step 4, as your identity is identified via your email. If you do not go through the email, continue onto Step 2.

IncludED Email.png

(Optional) Step 2: Log in to IncludED

Enter your FSU email address (included on the FSU Bookstore email) to access the IncludED site.

IncludED Login.png

(Optional)Step 3: FSU Bookstore authentication

After entering your email address you'll be sent an email from the FSU Bookstore with an additional link that will authenticate you into the Follett IncludED site. This helps to ensure that someone else isn't accessing the site using your FSU email!

Step 4: Selecting your material

In the IncludED system you'll be presented with any course that you are enrolled in which participates in the IncludED program. You can easily see the cost of the material for the course, view the material itself, and opt-in to the purchase right from the IncludED dashboard. 

IncludED Course Select.png

Step 5: Verifying your opt-in status

Once you've elected to opt-in for a course, you'll be presented with confirmation along with a delivery time at which point you'll receive access to your material. Courses you've opted-in to will appear grey on your screen, while courses you've yet to decide on will be blue.

Opt In Status.png

What will the charge look like on my MyFSU bill?

Once you've opted-in to the program, the FSU Bookstore will send your information to Student Business Services and a charge will appear on your MyFSU bill for the total price of all materials and courses for which you've opted-in. The charge will appear under the description FSU Bookstore eBook on your bill. You can pay for your book through the MyFSU portal or allow it to be covered by your financial aid when it disburses. 

eBook account display.jpg

How do I access my course materials once I've opted-in?

If you opt-in to the IncludED program prior to January 1, 2019 you'll receive an email from the textbook publisher to your email address with instructions for accessing your text the first week of January. If you opt-in after January 1 you should receive an email to your email address within 48 hours. Follow these steps to access your course materials:

  • ANT2410: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Instructions coming soon)
  • AST1002: Planets, Stars, and Galaxies (Instructions coming soon)
  • ECO2023: Principles of Microeconomics (Instructions coming soon)
  • ENC2135: Research, Genre, and Context (VitalSource)
  • MAR4613: Marketing Research (Instructions coming soon)

What happens if I drop a course after I opt-in?

If you drop your course before the end of the University drop/add period, your charge will be removed and your access to the course materials will be revoked. If you drop or withdrawal after the initial drop/add period, you'll need to contact the FSU Bookstore to discuss options.

Who do I contact if I have questions about IncludED?

You can reach out to Student Business Services for general questions about timing and fees, but specific questions about pricing, drops, withdrawals, or other issues should be directed to the Textbook department at the FSU Bookstore. 

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