Online Payments

What credit cards does FSU accept?

FSU accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for online payments. Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone or in person. This is a security measure to ensure confidentiality of your payment information.

Why is FSU charging a service fee for online credit card payments?

FSU is committed to providing students a range of options for paying their educational expenses. The acceptance of credit cards is prohibitively expensive due to the interchange fees assessed by the various credit card companies. FSU contracts with Transact for online payments, and service fees for credit card payments are assessed directly by Transact, FSU does not keep any service fee revenue.

Is there any way I can avoid paying a service fee for paying online?

You can avoid paying the service fee by paying online with an e-check. An e-check is an electronic withdrawal from either a savings or checking account at any U.S. bank or credit union. You will need your bank’s 9-digit routing number and your account number.

Checks issued from money market accounts, credit card companies, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, home equity loans, or other lines of credit cannot be processed as an e-check. Please verify with your bank if you are unsure of whether or not your check can be used or what routing and account numbers to enter.

What if my bank is outside the U.S., or I don’t want to use an e-check?

As of 08/11/2016, Student Business Services is proud to partner with Western Union Business Solutions - Bank to Bank Transfer process, which will allow domestic and international students to make tuition and fee payments via wire transfer.

This program offers a simple electronic payment mechanism that is secure, fast, and available in the student’s local currency. For more information about wiring funds through Western Union, go to Wire Transfers.

Is the service fee refundable?

The service fee is non-refundable, even if the payment to which it relates to is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back.

How will the service fee appear on my student account statement?

The service fee does not appear on your account at FSU, but you can download a receipt of payment from Transact.

How will the service fee appear on my credit card statement?

Two separate transactions will appear on your credit card statement. One transaction for the student account payment and one transaction for the service fee. The transaction for the student account payment will appear as “Payment-Web” and the transaction for the service fee will appear as “Payment-Web Service Fee”.

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