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Welcome to Student Business Services' Parent Resources! Though everything can be completed by a student, sometimes parents want to keep an eye in their student's financial actions and activities within the university. From this page we will provide some resources that parents can use in order to easily make payments and receive refunds.

Delegated Access

Before you can do anything on behalf of your student, you must have approved delegated access, granted by your student. Follow this link to the Delegated Access page for more details on the purpose of delegated access. Note that without delegated access, you, as a parent/guardian, will not have access to their account or information.

Parent PLUS Loans

The Florida State University (FSU) administers Federal Title IV financial aid funds on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education. The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan that you may or have received as a part of your student’s financial aid award package from FSU is categorized as Federal Title IV financial aid. The University must receive your authorization to apply Parent PLUS Loan funds towards non-allowable charges. The University must also have your authorization to refund any credit balances to your student.

Title IV Permissions:

Federal regulations require all schools to apply Title IV aid funds to “allowable charges,” which are tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board charges. FSU allows many departments to apply charges to the account of students in order to consolidate billing. Some of these charges might include parking citations, health center, bookstore, and other miscellaneous charges that are considered “non-allowable charges” according to Federal regulations. Federal regulations also require FSU to obtain your authorization to apply your Parent PLUS Loan to these “non- allowable charges” appearing on the student’s account. Please note that Excess Credit Hour fees and Installment Contract fees will not be paid with Title IV aid even if you provide authorization. If authorization is not received prior to the settlement due date, the Title IV financial aid funds will not be applied to all charges. This may result in an outstanding balance on your student account and cause late charges to be assessed. Please visit the Forms section on this web page to complete the PLUS Title IV Authorization Form.

Note: You are not required to give authorization but if so, you may rescind the authorization at any time in person at Student Business Services during normal business hours. If permission is granted, this authorization will cover the entire period that the student is enrolled at FSU and you may rescind it at any time by contacting our office by mail or via email.

Refund Authorization:

Federal regulations require schools to obtain and maintain the written approval of a borrower in order to have any Parent PLUS loan proceeds refunded to your student.

Note: The Parent PLUS Loan refund method defaults to Parent. Please only complete this form if you wish your student to receive the refund. Granting authorization will cover the current academic year only. You will need to submit a new form each academic year if you wish your student to continue to receive the refund of any Parent PLUS Loan proceeds. Please visit Financial Aid to complete the Parent PLUS Loan Refund Authorization Form.

Delegate Direct Deposit

All students are required to sign up for direct deposit, but we now allow delegates to set up direct deposit to their personal bank accounts for money disbursed or refunded on certain types of loans (e.g. Parent PLUS loans.) The process differs from what all students must do in order to set up their direct deposit, so make sure to carefully follow the instructions.

For how to set up direct deposit from the Delegate Portal of, open the following PDF and follow the instructions included: Parental Direct Deposit

Making A Payment As A Parent

There may instances where you want to make a payment on behalf of your student on anything from tuition, to dining, to housing. The following PDF will give detailed instructions on what a delegate (make sure your student grants you delegated access) can do in order to make a payment to the university: Pay as a Parent

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