Item Types

Item types are the basic work unit of the Student Financials application. Item types are used to define specific actions in the operational system (e.g. charges, payments, refunds, financial aid, waivers, etc.). Item types originate in Student Business Services and are used by central accounts receivable, tuition calculation, various departments on campus, and financial aid. Item types not only define core financial activities in the Campus Solutions system, but also serve to feed data to the General Ledger for purposes of accounting. 

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Requesting a new item type

Departments may request new item types to represent charges with unique descriptors or department/fund code combinations. Item types may also be requested to initiate a funds transfer for payment of student fees. All new item type requests begin in the FSU Service Center (CRM) and require completion of an Item Type Request form

Step 1: Complete Item Type Request Form

Requesting entities are only required to complete the "Requestor Information" and "Item Type Setup Information" portions of the item type setup request form. Pay special attention to the Reason for Request, which will help Student Business Services team members create your item type with the best setup options. Student Business Services team members will reach out to you with questions as they arise.

Step 2: Create a Service Center Case

Submit a Service Center case from the MyFSU portal under the category "Administrative and Financial Services," specialty type "Student Business Services," and detail "Item Type Request." 


Key Item Type Contacts

Name Specialty Phone Email
Elizabeth Gulsby Tuition and cashiering or online payment item types, departmental deposits, Financial aid or departmental billing item types 850.645.9193