Florida Prepaid

Florida Prepaid at FSU

Student Business Services is your Florida Prepaid contact at Florida State University. We identify students with Florida Prepaid College Plans and bill your plan automatically. Your billing will post to your my.fsu.edu account statement by the end of the first week of classes.

No paperwork required! Save time and keep your Florida Prepaid card at home

  • There is no need to notify us that you have Prepaid. Our billing system links to Florida Prepaid through your social security number.
  • If you keep your Florida Prepaid Account current, we bill it automatically.
  • We bill Prepaid for the number of credit hours you take each term. We can never bill for more hours than you are taking, but we can bill for fewer at your request. Complete the FLPP Billing Change form to cancel or lessen your billing for a specific term.

Avoid frustration by planning for fees not covered by Florida Prepaid

  • Florida Prepaid does not cover all tuition and fees. There are three basic Florida Prepaid plan features, and each covers a different set of fees. Your Florida Prepaid plan might include one, two, or all of these features.  
  • FSU’s credit-hour rate is composed of three fee categories: 
    • State Fees (Tuition) – Covered by all Florida Prepaid Plans.
    • Local Fees – Covered by the optional Local Fees feature, if you purchased it.
    • Differential Fees - Waived if your plan's contract date is before Summer 2007 or covered by the optional Differential Fee feature, if you purchased it.
    • Other University Fees – Not covered by any Florida Prepaid Plan. 

Please note that specific classes and majors might be assessed additional fees that Florida Prepaid does not cover, like lab fees, distance learning fees, and program equipment fees. Please visit our tuition rates page for tuition and fee details.