Delegated Access

What Is Online Third Party or Parental Access?

From a legal perspective the student, not the family member(s), is the university's client and is responsible for his or her own debts. The university therefore is legally obligated to provide each student with the means to create his or her own personalized user name and password and to deny access to confidential information by anyone without a valid user name and password.

However, we know that family members want access to see the student’s account, and what is owed and charges paid at FSU. We provide a method for family members (or other designated third parties) to receive their own user ID and password to access a student’s account. Each student may choose whether to provide this access.

Although the university generally encourages sharing this information with family members for reasons of convenience and expedience, the decision to do so rests with the student and not with the University.

Visit the Student Center to initialize, or modify Delegate Access

For detailed instructions for assigning delegated access, click here. Delegates can see how to accept access here.

Subject to review by Student Business.

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