Financial Responsibility

What is the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement?

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (herein referred to simply as agreement) is our way of ensuring that you understand the financial repercussions of enrolling in classes at Florida State University. The agreement outlines the University’s expectations for payment, holds, the employment of collection agencies, contact methods and procedures as well as tax document delivery methods.

Why do I have to sign the agreement?

There are several reasons that we expect every student to acknowledge the message contained within the agreement. First, and most importantly, we expect students to thoughtfully consider the cost of their education, to assist in financial planning and debt management. Second, the agreement satisfies several federal notification requirements that govern how student accounts are handled. Third, the University may employ the services of outside servicers and agencies for the collection of fees, and the agreement is the University's way of communicating those arrangements.

How often do I need to sign the agreement?

To ensure that you are considering your finances each term, the agreement must be signed once during registration for the Summer/Fall, and once for registration during the Spring for each year of enrollment.

What happens if I refuse to sign?

The agreement serves as notification of potential consequences of non-payment, and to provide vital account information. If a student chooses not to sign any or all of the agreement, they will not be permitted to register for classes until the issue is resolved.

How quickly can I register after completing the agreement?

Completion of the agreement will lift the related hold immediately and you will be able to proceed with enrollment. 


Below is a copy of the agreement:

Student Financial Responsibility Agreement


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