Merchant Services

Merchant Services


Florida State University Credit Card / Merchant Services Account Program Manager

Curt Caito

Phone: (850) 644-9475


The Controller's office Merchant Services group provides day to day operational support to on-campus departments with active merchant accounts (Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards).  Other services provided include coordinating new merchant accounts and ensuring all merchants are in compliance with applicable policies, procedures and standards as required by the University and the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Merchant Services has the following responsibilities regarding the acceptance of credit cards on Florida State University's campus.

  • Serve as the first point of contact for any credit card processing inquiry on campus
  • Issue and maintain all equipment necessary to accept credit cards on campus
  • Review all departmental requests for merchant service
  • Monitor merchants’ compliance with PCI DSS, and provide guidance to merchants on PCI issues

Interested Departments must first complete a University cash collection point application available from Treasury Management, and be approved to be a University payment card merchant by way of the application for payment card merchants through Student Business-Payment Card forms.

Upon approval of a Department's application, the representative designated in the application must become familiar with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).  As a first step it is recommended that the representative browse the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council's website, as well as read and become familiar with the PCI-DSS Quick Reference Guide. Click here for the full PCI-DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures Version 3.2 April 2016 as published by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Please review the additional information and resources below.

Training - requires FSU login - e-mail for access to the BlackBoard PCI training site if you do not have access.


Departmental Deposits

What is a departmental deposit?

A departmental deposit is when a department from FSU or any of its affiliates accumulates revenue and needs to deposit it into FSU’s account or when a department has paid too much money on a specific bill or invoice and needs to be refunded back the excess funds.

Where can I get the Departmental Deposit form if I need one?

The forms are available on the forms page of the Controller’s Office website.

How do I choose the correct form?

There are three types of deposits forms available from Student Business:
Revenue Deposit (designed for Cash and Checks ONLY)
Revenue Deposit (designed for ACH, Wire and Credit Cards ONLY)
Department Expense Refund.

The Revenue deposit form is used when FSU is being paid for services they have rendered. The expense refund form is used when seeking consolation from a vendor that has been paid, but entitled to reimbursement.

Where are the forms taken?

A representative from your department will bring the deposit to Student Business Services which is located at the University Center (Stadium) in building A on the first floor room number 1500. You are to give the cashiers your paperwork to be processed. When turning in the form you must have the revenue (cash and/or checks) with you in order for deposit to be processed. You will receive a receipt for the deposit once the cashier has processed it. Another way to turn in a deposit would be to mail the correct form with revenue (if any) along with it and we will in turn process the deposit and either mail or fax the receipt back.

Note: Cash deposits should not be sent through the mail.

What happens when a department brings the deposit to the cashiers?

After a department has submitted the deposit to the cashier, the cashier will enter the information provided on the Revenue Deposit Form, making sure all totals are accurate. The cashier will then process the deposit and give a receipt.

Where does the money go once it is collected?

At the end of the day, all money and checks are collected and placed in the vault. A representative from Loomis will come the next day and take the Deposits to Bank of America, where they will be processed.

What is the systems process after it is entered by the cashiers?

The cashiers enter the deposit into the NWRDC system. After midnight a batch is run to transfer everything into OMNI, where it can be reviewed for accuracy.

How long does the deposit take to hit OMNI

All deposits made at the cashiering office will post in OMNI the next day. Everything in cashiering runs in a batch called "CR50" after midnight. A report will be generated the next day to be reviewed by the accounting office.

Who do I contact if something is wrong?

If you notice an error has been made you may either contact Mary Eichler - (850) 644-9030 in the cashier’s office , or Edward Burke - (850) 644-9444 in the accounting office./sites/g/files/upcbnu1241/files/Forms/Application%20for%20Payment%20Card%20Merchant.pdf

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