Bookstore Deferment

What is Bookstore Deferment?
Student Business Services has partnered with Follett and the FSU Bookstore to provide a seamless and integrated means to purchase your textbooks and supplies before your financial aid has disbursed. Each semester, Student Business Services will send a list of eligible students to the FSU Bookstore. Students will receive an email from the FSU Bookstore with instructions for purchasing textbooks and supplies on financial aid credit. Once a student has purchased books and supplies using their credit, the total charge of the transaction will be sent to the MyFSU Student Account, where financial aid will pay the charge once it has disbursed.

How do I know if I am eligible for Bookstore Deferment?
Students will receive an email from the FSU Bookstore when their eligibility has been confirmed. In general, student eligibility is limited to students who:

  1. Are enrolled in at least six (6) hours of coursework for the semester
  2. Have been awarded financial aid
  3. Have excess financial aid available when the sum of their authorized aid is greater than the sum of their current charges; resulting in an anticipated credit balance

The FSU Bookstore will limit the Deferment spending amount based on this anticipated credit balance, offering a larger limit to students pursuing professional programs in Nursing, Medical, and Law.  

Deferment Spending Limits
Anticipated Credit Balance Spending Limit
$500 - $749 $200 limit
$750 or more  $500 limit
Nursing, Medical, and Law Deferment Spending Limits
Anticipated Credit Balance Nursing School Spending Limit Medical School Spending Limit Law School Spending Limit
$600 - $1199 $200 limit $200 limit $200 limit
$1200 or more $800 limit $800 llimit $900 limit

Is the Bookstore advancement in addition to my financial aid package?
No, the Bookstore advancement (deferment) is not additional funding for books. Instead, this is a means to purchase your books and supplies before your financial aid disburses, but still using your aid that has already been awarded. Charges from your purchases at the bookstore will be placed on your student account and will be paid when your financial aid disburses. 

What happens if my aid disburses, but does not pay off all of my Bookstore charges?
Students will be responsible for any unpaid Bookstore charges on their accounts after financial aid has disbursed. These charges will remain on the student account and can be paid in person or online. Bookstore charges will prevent registration, receipt of transcripts and diplomas.

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