Bright Futures Changes

Summer 2018/2019

According to Florida law, Florida Academic Scholars may use their award in the Summer of 2018, whereas Florida Medallion Scholars will be able to receive summer awards beginning in 2019

For Academic Scholars:

  • You must be taking at least 6 hours in order to receive Bright Futures aid this summer.
  • If you are taking any classes in Summer(s) A/B/F, you will receive your summer aid for the entire summer.
  • If you are only taking classes in Summer C, you will receive your aid in time for Summer C. 

Estimated Bright Futures Rates

Award Type Rate
Medallion Scholarship $160.16 per credit hour*
Academic Scholarship $213.55 per credit hour
Top Scholars Additional $44 per credit hour
*may be subject to change, and only begins fall 2018


Frequently asked questions

How does the book award work?

The new Bright Futures book award for Academic Scholars will disburse along with the rest of your financial aid. The award is $300 per term in the Fall and Spring, but will not be disbursed in the summer. You will see this award as a separate line item on your MyFSU financial aid package and on your MyFSU bill.

Will the new award cover additional costs like online fees or lab fees?

The new award is calculated at $213.55 per credit hour, which covers most of the core fees at Florida State University, but does not take into account additional costs like online or lab fees. Because the award is treated same as cash, it can pay for those fees, but is not calculated based on those additional costs.

The award is supposed to be 100% of tuition and fees, why isn't it covering everything?

The Florida Department of Education has determined that the award should cover 100% of the following fees; tuition, capital improvement, financial aid, athletics, health, activities & services, differential, transportation, and technology, which comes to a total of $213.55 per credit hour. FSU also assesses a $2 per credit hour Student Affairs Facilities Use Fee, a $20 per semester Facilities Use Fee, and a $5 per semester FSUCard fee that are not included in the fees allowable for Bright Futures calculation. These fees will need to be covered out of pocket.  

I'm using my remaining Bright Futures to cover my first semester of Graduate School, how does that work?

The Bright Futures scholarship will cover up to one semester of graduate coursework, but will pay at the undergraduate rate of $213.55 per credit hour. 

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