Hurricane Irma Update

Stay tuned to and the SeminoleSAFE app for further updates as they develop. FSU Alerts is your official source for information about the storm and its impact on campus!

When is my tuition due?

Tuition, housing, and dining charges that were originally due on September 8th will now be due on September 20th, providing students with the opportunity to make payments in person and avoid the 2.3% online service fee. Payments can be made online by electronic check with no service fee.

Can I pay my tuition now anyway?

Yes. You can always pay online at with a credit card or electronic check. Payments that are mailed or left in our drop box will be processed when the University reopens. 

What if the storm impacts my ability to pay?

We're always concerned with the success of our students, and are ready to help you navigate your finances at FSU if the storm impacts your ability to pay. If you are having trouble making a payment due to circumstances outside of your control, reach out to us when the University reopens so that we can discuss options!

When will late fees post?

Late fees will post to accounts after the University has reopened and students have been given the opportunity to pay in person during the day. We will not post late fees until all mail and dropbox payments have been processed. 

Will my account change?

No. In order to maintain flexibility as we monitor the impact of the storm, your due dates will not change on your account. We will not run late fee or cancellation processes without notice, and will give you time to make a payment in person once the University reopens. Any payments made after the posted due date but before 11:59pm on September 20th will be considered on-time.


Start-of-Term Checklist

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